Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin and Peercoin Faucet

Some features

PHPFaucet is an OpenSource software to run faucet for cryptocoins like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin and Peercoin. PHPFaucet allow you to make a faucet website within ten minutes. all PHPFaucet payments handle through AsMoney

  • Support Solvemedia Captcha
  • easy change template
  • Automatic withdrawal and Mass Pay
  • Minimum withdraw amount
  • Get donate from users
  • Support referrral program
  • Support asmoney, bitcoin, dogecoin, darkcoin, litecoin and peercoin
  • Create admin and moderator


Download PHPFaucet and run your own faucet in 10 minutes :


Follow 3 Easy steps to install

1 ) Create a MySQL database

2 ) Upload and unzip PHPFaucet package on your website

3 ) Browse and submit database information, please delete install.php when installation get completed

4 ) You can set Currency in admin area setting, mBTC-Satoshi-BTC make a Bitcoin faucet, mDoge-Doge make a Dogecoin Faucet and and so on to other cryptocurrencies.

Configure Faucet

Login to admin url by browsing , your default username and password are admin/admin.

Captcha setting

Go to , create an account and add your website, you will receive three hashes from solve media , put the hashes in solvemedia setting.

AsMoney API setting

for sending payment, Create an AsMoney account, go to merchant section and make an API, you can set your AsMoney username, API name and API password to send faucet payments.

AsMoney SCI setting

for receive donate, go to merchant section of your AsMoney account, Set your username, sci name and sci password to receive payments.